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New Mobile Game Helps Kids Practice Virtues in Real Life

Loveland, CO (PRWEB) June 02, 2015

While most mobile games keep kids busy with squashing zombies or flinging birds, a new app is attempting to let kids have fun and do good at the same time.

Buddy Quest is the first-ever mobile game app that gives children (ages 6-11) a chance to practice virtues in the real world. Kids follow the adventures of more than 100 characters, help them solve their problems using a variety of virtues such as responsibility, honesty, gratitude, and kindness. In addition to the in-game stories, Buddy Quest challenges kids with real-life quests, giving them a chance to take what they’re learning in the game and try it out in their everyday lives.

The app, which will be available on both in iTunes and Google Play, is launching a Kickstarter campaign this week to raise funds and awareness for the game.

Another unique feature of Buddy Quest is the Parent Portal, a part of the app that gives moms and dads an easy way to track their childs progress, chat with them about what they’re experiencing, and watch them practice the virtues in real life.

Jeff White, one of the creative leads for the game, says its part of the growing trend of combining mobile technology with real-life experiences. Virtues training isnt easy, even for over-achieving parents. Were building Buddy Quest with unique features that make learning fun and rewarding, while also helping moms and dads with an essential part of parenting, White said.

The game will feature more than 130 high-quality characters that have been a key part of summertime vacation Bible school programs for the past 10 years.

Every summer, more than 3 million children experience the VBS program, which gives us a great fan base to start with, White said. Thats a lot of families who already have some familiarity with the characters and their stories.

Weve been very pleased with the responses from both parents and kids who have tested the game, said Brian Abbott, who leads the development for Buddy Quest. Weve also got a great head start because of the quality of art, design, music, and other development features that we can use for the game.

Jess Harnell, a voice actor that has been featured in scores of movies and TV shows for Disney, Pixar, and Nickelodeon, is voicing the main character in Buddy Quest.

The Kickstarter campaign aims to raise at least $ 30,000, and offers a variety of backer rewards including collector cards, posters, soundtracks, and other unique game-related experiences. The project ends on Tuesday, June 30, whether or not it has received all its funding. The project can be found at this website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/buddyquest/buddy-quest

Lifetree Family creates experiences that help families grow in their faith and relationships. Its a non-denominational company with books, blogs, apps, and other resources aimed at providing ways for everyday parents to train and love their kids. Lifetree Family is a part of Group, a creative media company based in Loveland, Colorado since 1974.

For more information, please contact Jeff White at jwhite@group.com or 970-292-4499. You can also visit http://www.buddyquest.com.

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Hip Hop Legend & Game Changer Raekwon Takes over Music Choice

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 24, 2015

Raekwon, Hip Hop Legend and Game Changer, is taking over Music Choices Rap Channel to celebrate the release of his new album Fly International Luxurious Art (FILA). Popular tracks featuring Raekwon will be featured throughout the day on the MC Rap Channel culminating in an exclusive sneak peak of the entire album in its entirety on Monday, April 27th at 8pm ET, the night before being released. Music Choice will also host his official album listening party at its studios the same day that will be hosted by Combat Jack (http://www.thecombatjackshow.com)

Its been close to two decades since Raekwon The Chef dropped his pivotal solo debut, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx (a.k.a. The Purple Tape). The project changed the game of 95, as Hip-Hop reached a crossroads where street philosophies and the lap of luxury didnt see eye-to-eye. Raekwon bridged that gap. The Shaolin native and Wu-Tang legionnaire cracked the code of the streets and managed to strike a balance, keeping all corners of the rap game happy. The Chef who kept us fed for 20 summers is back with his sixth solo album, Fly International Luxurious Art (F.I.L.A.), once again tying worlds together and reclaiming his spot as the artist who can do it all.

The MC Rap Channel is available nationally in over 50 million homes. For specific channel numbers for the MC Rap Channel, check your local listings. For more information about Music Choice log onto http://musicchoice.com/ or to become part of the Music Choice community join us on Twitter: @MusicChoice or Facebook.

About Music Choice:

Music Choice, the multi-platform video and music network, delivers its music programming to millions of consumers nationwide through their televisions, online and mobile devices. Music Choice programs dozens of uninterrupted music channels; produces originals that feature todays hottest established and emerging artists; offers thousands of music videos; and launched Music Choice Play, the music video, lifestyle and entertainment network for Millennials. Follow us on Twitter: @MusicChoice | Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MusicChoice


Unique & Exciting New Game Music Jack from Some Anonymous People Lets Users Integrate Their Own Music

Cupertino,CA (PRWEB) March 13, 2015

People who enjoy listening to their favorite music and playing exciting games on their mobile device can now get the best of both worlds by downloading the unique and fun new app https://itunes.apple.com/app/music-jack-lite/id926195659.

Created by Some Anonymous People, Music Jack lets users select songs from their devices library, which then become the soundtrack to an exciting, challenging and incredibly addictive time-based scrolling game. A longer song means a lengthier level, and the games speed is directly linked to the type of music. For example, songs with a fast dance beat speed up the game, while songs with a more relaxed vibe slow down the game.

Regardless of whether theyre playing a fast or slow game, users must rely on sharp, finely-tuned reflexes to score points and collect Musical Elements, which activate power-ups and score multipliers.

Plus, to add another layer of excitement, users must steer clear of the Dark Music, which is constantly hunting them down. They must also avoid various obstacles including asteroids that, upon impact, reduce both the scoring multiplier and speed, and allow the Dark Music to catch up faster. Fortunately, users who do a good job of collecting the above-noted Musical Elements can use them to keep the Dark Music at a distance.

Other Music Jack special features include:

Guest or Facebook login option.
A creative, simple gameplay that is easy to understand but tough to master.
Exceptional graphics and sound effects.
The ability to check high scores via the Game Center and Google Play.

So many mobile games these days are boring and are basically just low quality duplicates of something that was popular months or years ago, commented a spokesperson from Some Anonymous People. And thats why we spent so much time creating Music Jack. Its totally original, and is a unique blend of excitement and fun. Users will love listening to their favorite music as they put their reflexes to the test, grab Musical Elements, avoid obstacles and of course, stay away from the dreaded Dark Music!

Music Jack, the unique and fun new game that lets users integrate their own music, is available for iOS devices from the App Store at https://itunes.apple.com/app/musicjack-lite/id926195659, and for Android devices from Google Play at


For all other information or media inquiries, contact Mark Johnson on behalf of Some Anonymous People at +1 408 757 0156 or press (at)appshout(dot)com.

About Some Anonymous People

Just like any other superhero, we must maintain our mysterious identities too. We are Some Anonymous People entertaining the world one game at a time. Our boredom is our enemy. We are gaming nerds who create apps for people like us. Our games are addictive, engaging and awesome! Just like we are 😉

Learn more at http://www.someanonymouspeople.com


bitHeads Announces brainCloud, A Revolutionary Cloud Solution For Game Developers

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (PRWEB) November 12, 2014

Previously only available to select game developers, bitHeads has officially launched brainCloud to support backend development and build revenue opportunities for game developers.

An out-of-the box solution for game development and management challenges, brainCloud is set to revolutionize the interactive games industry. brainCloud is a robust backend cloud-based production toolset that cuts game development time and costs by providing a one-stop solution that manages multiplayer features, monetization, cross-platform analytics, promotions, sales, and more. brainCloud works seamlessly with existing tools to operate and grow a game developers’ core business.

Dramatic shifts in mobile game development over the last five years demand fast-paced development that integrates innovative tools and drive user engagement while providing effective analytics and monetization strategies. To be commercially viable, games require multi-platform and multi-network support, game management systems, deployment, and advanced analytics. Addressing this need, brainCloud is an advanced solution within the emerging category of the cloud-based platform tools for games development.

Key brainCloud features include:

+ Game Features – multiplayer, matchmaking, cloud-saves, identity management, social integration, leaderboards, achievements, push notifications, virtual currencies, and in-app purchasing. Using the JavaScript-supported brainCloud Cloud Code feature, developers are able to build in additional features.

Local Platform Integration – when a player is awarded an Achievement in brainCloud, that achievement is also triggered in iOS GameCenter.

+ Advanced Pricing and Promotional Features – brainCloud provides support for multiple virtual currencies and coordinates the product and pricing management across all platforms, allowing the developer to quickly put items on sale with just a few clicks.

+ Scheduled Promotions – sales can be pre-configured well into the future and when the promotion automatically triggers, players will receive notifications on their devices (in their language), and automatically get the preferential pricing when they go into their store screens.

+ Advanced Auto Promotions – developers are able to define dynamic target segments of users and trigger individual promotions just for them. For example, a developer could define a promotion for “MVPs that may be leaving the game” – and define the criteria as “players who’ve played > 50 times, who’ve spent > $ 20, and who haven’t played in the past 5 days”. Whenever a player enters this segment, a special “Promotion for MVPs” would be triggered, offering them a product at a huge discount, in an attempt to keep them in the game longer.

+ “Auto Promotions are just the beginning of the sort of advanced monetization features that bitHeads has in store for brainCloud,” notes brainCloud product manager Paul Winterhalder. “There’s no limit to the sort of advanced features that we can build to help developers to better engage and monetize their communities.”

“Having worked with the team at brainCloud on multiple projects, they definitely know their stuff when it comes highly-scalable back-ends,” says Stu Duncan, founder of Bight Games, the creators of ‘The Simpsons: Tapped Out”.

“Before building our latest game, Project Cyber, we looked at a number of backend-as-a-service platforms. None of them had as complete a game feature set as brainCloud”, says Spearhead Games co-founder Atul Mehra.

Wanda Meloni, CEO of M2 Research explains, “Solutions such as brainCloud now offer small-to-mid-size developers the sort of back-end infrastructure previously only available to larger developers such as Zynga, King.com and Supercell. Providing an out-of-the-box solution, bitHeads and brainCloud are really leveling the playing field.”

Outlining key findings from M2 Research’s upcoming State of Game Development Report Meloni notes, “Independent developers with less than 25 employees now make up 62% of the games development market, while mid to large scale indies represent another 13%. With 75% of the total game development market made up of independent teams, optimizing backend infrastructure is critical for developers looking to build in cross-platform development, monetization and ultimately cost savings.”

“bitHeads has been building customized backend solutions for clients since 1995. The growth and need in the market is there, and with brainCloud we have built a robust and scalable platform that helps developers concentrate on what they do best – make great games. We help them get games out faster, save on development, hosting and maintenance costs, and have built-in features specifically created to increase revenue,” says Scott Simpson, CEO of bitHeads.

Developers who sign up before December 31, 2014 qualify for special early adopter pricing until 2016. Sign up for a free trial now at getbraincloud.com

ABOUT BITHEADS: For nineteen years, bitHeads has been building games and network development solutions for some of the most well respected brands in business today. Providing secure, custom development solutions bitHeads is a leading provider of cloud and backend infrastructure, mobile, big data and M2M solutions. brainCloud has been developed in partnership with the Canada Media Fund.

For more information on brainCloud please visit:http://www.getbraincloud.com

Visit our website for further information on the parent company:http://www.bitheads.com


Armies of Riddle A new game for mobile devices under development officially launches at kickstarter.com for avid gamers to try it out

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) September 11, 2014

Armies of Riddle, a new Fantasy Battle Game for Mobile devices as well as a physical counterpart has officially launched at Kickstarter.com in a move the developer says will help spread the word out about the exciting new game as well as offer avid gamers a chance to test it before it is officially launched into the market.

According to a statement released by Game Scorpion Inc, a leading video games and mobile app developer the Armies of Riddle will come in both a physical and mobile version in order to improve the user experience substantially. The company also notes that avid gamers are welcomed to pledge and take part in being the very first users to receive the new game, play it, enjoy it and most importantly test it before it launches in the mass market. Game Scorpion Inc is confident that the Armies of Riddle will be a huge hit in the coming months and even years.

According to the company the new game is set in a fantasy Alien world dubbed Riddle which in many respects resembles our planet earth only that it has a number of creatures that are not know to us.

The company adds that the game is simple to play and brings in a new dimension of fun in Trading Card Games and Fantasy for each and every one to enjoy. The Armies or Riddle mobile edition will come with full 3D graphics, remarkable story telling and a fun new experience in mobile gaming that is unique.

The company believes that the Armies of Riddle is one of its biggest projects in its three year history. “This is our most incredible project to date! I truly believe that players will really enjoy this game and will play it daily! We ourselves are hooked already on the physical edition!” notes Abhinav Gupta –

Lead Developer and CEO of Game Scorpion Inc. Mr. Gupta is also confident that the response the new game will receive in the next few weeks will be huge and remarkably positive.

Game Scorpion Inc. has also urged all avid gamers across the world to join the Kickstarter Campaign soon saying that there is a great opportunity for gamers to understand the game better here. The Indie game studio has for years now focused its attention in developing thrilling games for modern gaming platforms and as commentators and experts in the gaming sector note, it is clear that the Armies of Riddle will be another huge success. Make sure you Stay Up To Date with the Latest Armies of Riddle Developments!

About the company

Game Scorpion Inc. opened its doors in July of 2011. They are an indie game studio that focuses on making Video Games for the latest platforms and devices. The company has successfully released over 40+ games in over 10+ markets including Apple iOS, Google Play, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

Company details

Game Scorpion Inc.

200 North Service Road West Unit #1, Suite 382

Oakville, Ontario L6M 2Y1


Phone Number: 647-783-7948