Music Promotion App for Indie Music Artists

It can be very hard as an independent musician to grow your fan base or get exposure for your music videos.  Now there is an answer to all indie musicians in the form of a music promotion app called TripleVMusic.  In 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Release your music video on TripleVMusic, a World Wide App to get exposure to millions!
Step 2: Based on voting outcome, supply your music with all the necessary requirements for digital distribution (ISRC Code, UPC Code, etc.)
Step 3: We endorse you to Major Record Labels, Advertising Agencies, Product Placement Ads and other funding opportunities to grow your music career.

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Indie Music Artists Grow Your Fan Base!

Gift Certificates For Your Music Fans

TripleVMusic is the first mobile chart that rewards you with gift certificates for voting on music videos. These gift certificates are from iTunes & Amazon so you can buy music, books, apps, or anything your heart desires.

All you need is a mobile phone with internet access, and then you can:
– vote for your favorite songs
– see what other music fans think about your favorite artists’ videos on YouTube
– earn cool rewards for simply voicing your opinion

Touch the music, the app navigation:
-Chart : 20 top singles with real-time updated votes. Chart updates every 7 days. Help keep your artists alive on the Chart by voting!
-New Releases : new singles waiting for your votes. They need your positive vote to make it to the Chart, if not they’re GONE!
-Artists : a list of all songs that have ever been added to the Music Chart.
-My Points : a log to see how many points your have in live time, who you voted for, when you voted for them, and collect your gift certificate rewards.

Finally, you have a real chance to decide which song will be popular. Install TripleVMusic application and have fun while getting rewarded.

Change the music industry with the touch of your finger!

Let’s let the fans decide!